AssureLink®  In-Home Unit

  • Cellular OR Landline
  • 24 hour monitoring service to access needed help through 2-way voice communication.
  • Automatic battery back-up in the event of power failure.
  • The AssureLink® pendant/wristband is fully water resistant.
  • The equipment performs a weekly “silent self test” to ensure that the system is working properly.
  • Medicaid reimbursable in most states for HCBS eligible participants.
Other services available at additional cost:

  • Optional personal reassurance calls
  • Fall sensors

AssureLink® customers are equipped with an emergency pendant or wristband. In the event it becomes necessary to summon assistance, they can simply press the emergency button. The customer is immediately connected with our 24 hour monitoring center, where our professional and caring dispatchers can participate in a two way conversation with the customer to determine what assistance is needed. If the customer is unable to respond, assistance is summoned immediately. Our 24 hour dispatchers use important information which has been provided to them by the customer and loved ones, to ensure that we are able to contact family, friends, physicians or other health care providers in the order in which the customer requests. With AssureLink®, help is just the push of a button away!

Contract & Pricing

Options Cost Activation Fee*
Landline 1 Year Paid UpfrontBest Value!  $370 = $30.83/month
– OR –

Monthly $35

GSM (Over cellular network) 1 Year Paid UpfrontBest Value!  $424 = $35.33/month
– OR –
Monthly $39.50

Fall Detection Monitoring   additional $36/year or $3/month

*Activation Fee – is one time and nonrefundable.

COMPARISON! Competitors        AssureLink®
Equipment Cost Up to $300         FREE USE
Activation Up to $50   FREE with landline
Contract 1-2 years         NONE
UL Approved Call Center Some         YES
Locally Owned Some         YES
Discount Plans Some         YES
Prompt Repair Service Sometimes         YES
Prompt Technical Support* Sometimes         YES

* Generally within 24-48 hours unless client specifies otherwise.